Talks on Adi Sankaracharya’s Dakshinamurti Stava



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Words from an Enlightened Being are sparks from the flame of his inner illumination; the moment the seeker’s thoughts come in contact with those divine sparks, like the inflammable hay, they get aflame with Truth. Dakshinamurti Stotra, one of the most profound compositions of Sankaracharya, is truly special as it conveys the highest knowledge—Advaita—in just ten verses. This commentary by Sri Ramanacharanatirtha Nochur Venkataraman is full of insights penetrating into the very heart of Vedanta jnana. The ineffable clarity born out of Acharya’s direct and intimate experience of the Self is pure magic. This majestic work is filled with clear guidance for a seeker, memorable anecdotes, cautions about the pitfalls along the way, various steps in this pathless path and innumerable meditative gems. The sheer poetic beauty of Acharya’s words makes this an ecstatic classic.

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